IMS (In Mould Stitching)


Thanks to the joint invention by AUDI AG and GKTool, interior components that are complex to produce can be manufactured fully automatically in just one process step. The integration of the decorative seam alignment, the back injection of soft materials, as well as the edgefolding of the decors onto the back of the component and the simultaneous trimming of the residual material are a guarantee for maximum efficiency. The use of IMS technology has highly positive effects for the company and the environment.

  • Integration of all process steps in one tool
  • Environmentally friendly solution due to the elimination of adhesives
  • Reduced production area of the entire equipment
  • Lower production costs thanks to process integration
  • Optimised energy management through exclusive use of the injection moulding machine

IMS technology offers an innovative and advanced solution for the production of components with decorative seams. By integrating all relevant process steps in a single tool, efficient and high-precision manufacturing is made possible. This results in high-quality components that meet aesthetic requirements.

Scope of the tool execution:

  • Alignment and handling of the seam line through the mould
  • Back injection of materials with foam
  • Edgefolding of soft decors onto the back of the component
  • Trimming and removal of residual material

Maximum process integration

6 processes in one tool

Cycle time

Up to 12x faster production

CO₂ savings

Elimination of adhesives, reduction of energy costs and elimination of truck kilometres (CO₂ savings example Audi A6: 10'467 tonnes)