IMC (In Mould Cutting)

Back injection moulding enables the direct connection between the plastic carrier and the decorative material.
GKTool’s In Mould Cutting (IMC) technology allows the decoration to be cut directly in the injection mould during the production process.
This saves you another set-up and another work step.
Reduce your component costs and your logistics sustainably.

  • No more special or additional equipment required
  • Reduced footprint of the overall plant
  • No trimming downstream process
  • Reduced internal logistics
  • Edge trimming up to 0.5mm to the component possible

GKTool is an absolute pioneer in the development of in-mould cutting technology.
We have refined our In Mould Cutting (IMC) tool solution from project to project, developed it further and brought it to perfection.
Extensive testing and validation have led us to our goal.
Today, we can proudly claim to guarantee our customers extremely durable cutting edges and to be able to reproduce these as perfect geometry in the production process.


Precision and efficiency

This technology enables efficient and fast production of components, as the additional process step of cutting is already integrated into the tool.

Variety of materials

IMC can be used for a wide range of different materials and decors.


Decorative material on roll or as precut