The Tech-Center with its modern equipment and application technicians is not only available to our customers for the sampling of series and prototype tools. New developments in tool technology are also tested and optimised here for suitability for series production. Smaller heating fields, air circulation ovens, vacuum trays and an LCD 3D printer are used for various smaller preliminary tests.

Our KraussMaffei injection moulding machine has a clamping force of 420 tonnes. In addition to classic injection moulding, we also use injection-compression moulding on the machine.

For more complex tests or testing the suitability for series production, the Kuka KR90 robot with its various gripping systems and heating fields is available to us in the production cell. Decorative blanks are efficiently inserted into the mould by means of the robot.

For applications that require heating before back injection, an infrared oven from Krelus is available with a heated surface of around two square metres each at the top and bottom. The optional radiant heaters on the robot gripper prevent cooling during the transfer between the oven and the mould.

Smaller components and studies can be realised within a short time using our LCD 3D printer.

Your benefit 1

Initial ideas can be tested, simulated and validated here in a variety of ways.

Your benefit 2

A wide range of test tools and standard substructures are available for initial trials.

Your benefit 3

Sampling and series suitability tests of customer tools in our own technical centre.