Decor trials

In order to design our tools ideally to customer requirements, we have a decor test bench on which all tool-relevant decor properties such as cutting force and clamping properties are measured and tested. As a result, we design the slides already in the design phase of the tools in such a way that no slide separations are visible on the finished component. The trim integrated in the tool is clean and without recess.
The measured values are continuously compared with existing values and findings. In this way, we achieve an ideal tool design. By checking different decors, we ensure that they can be processed reliably in one tool.

  • Classic fabric decors
  • Alcantara
  • Dynamica
  • PVC films
  • Thermoformable films
  • Film composites – e.g. with laminated foam layer

Your benefit 1

Few adjustments to trim in the tool necessary.

Your benefit 2

Verifies that decors can be combined in a mould.

Your benefit 3

Decors are optimised for specific parameters.