IMW (In Mould Wrapping)


Back injection moulding enables the direct connection between the plastic carrier and the decorative material.
GKTool’s patented In Mould Wrapping (IMW) technology enables direct trimming and edgefolding of the decoration in the injection mould during the production process.
This saves you an additional set-up and work step.
Reduce your component costs and your logistics sustainably.

  • Reduction of manufacturing costs up to 30%
  • Only one process step
  • Less scrap
  • Finished component from one shot
  • No more special or additional equipment required
  • Reduced footprint of the entire line
  • No trimming and edgefolding downstream processes
  • Reduced internal logistics

Thanks to the integrated mould technologies, the components are already finalised during the injection moulding process. This eliminates further process steps such as subsequent trimming of the decor or edgefolding of the decor onto the back of the component.
GKTool’s unique all-in-one mould technology enables a drastic shortening of the process chain. The trimming and edgefolding of the materials takes place directly in the injection moulding process.
GKTool has incorporated its many years of know-how in special technologies into this tooling solution, which is protected by a patent and various patent applications. The great innovative strength of GKTool is in these compact and cost-saving injection moulds for the customer.
As a result, GKTool’s moulds enable our customers to remain competitive and to bring projects to the industrialised countries in Central Europe through automated production. At the same time, the production area is reduced to the absolute minimum, as the entire manufacturing process of the components is mapped in a single mould.

Increased efficiency

IMW reduces the need for subsequent folding and cutting processes, which shortens the production of the component and therefore increases overall efficiency.

Edge bonding

The process enables the production of parts with decorative or functional edges that are resistant and offer a high-quality appearance.

Production area

The fully automated IMW technology minimizes the production area.