IMG (In Mould Graining)


Back injection moulding allows a direct connection between the plastic carrier and the decorative material. Enable the transfer of structures of the mold surface directly onto the decorative material (e.g. TPO foils). These can be e.g. grains, logos or other relief-like structures.

  • Uniform grain depth over the entire component, even with larger three-dimensional deformations
  • No grain distortion even with large three-dimensional component geometries
  • 100% reproducibility of the part surface from shot to shot
  • Can be combined with IMC and IMW technology to further reduce process costs
  • Can also be used for foam and compact foils
  • Different sized parts can be produced in the same mold for the same optics

The first time presented to the public at K2016, thin film with foamed PP. 3 grains shown in the same mold.
In the meantime, through intensive development and project work, various applications are running in mass production. The combinations with our IMC and IMW technology thereby ensures for customers that the applications can be produced even more cost-efficiently. Also an application as a family tool was realized.

Design diversity

This process enables the creation of surface structures that improve the look and feel of the end products.


Recycled materials can be used with IMT technology. The components can also be recycled after use.

Technology extension

IMG can be extended with the GKTool technologies IMW and IMC to complete the component.