Textile & Alcantara

Area of application: trim components interior

Pillar trims, headlining

Textile: colors and patterns in all variations
Textile: hard and soft touch
Alcantara: countless color variations possible
Alcantara: to give a soft touch and an elegant look

Back injection of decorative seam

Artificial leather

Area of application: trim components interior

Pillar trims, door trims, backrest covers

Leather grain
Hard and soft touch

Foil with wood decor


Area of application: trim components and design elements interior and exterior.

Trims, door sills as well as console elements and control panels

Any colors, patterns, structures and individual prints
Hard as well as soft touch, surface structuring through grains

Combination with sensors and light possible

PC, ABS, TPO, PP, PA, Multilayer



Area of application: trim components in luggage compartments, footwells and centre consoles.

Centre consoles, wheel arch covers, rear seat backrest covers

Any colours and species

Fibre composite

Fibre composites

Area of application: structural components with high demands on reinforcement and stiffening of the component

Reinforced thermoplastics with glass fibres, carbon and aramid

Structural components such as seat shells, door impact beams and floor panels

Mechanical reinforcement of the component

Organo sheet

Natural fibres (NFPP)

Cover parts with big surfaces but without too hich mechanical load transfer.

Reinforced thermoplastics with natural fibres.

Weight reduction of the component.

Cover parts such as map pockets, door modules and door panels.