Rheological calculations

Through the in-house filling simulation calculations with the Cadmould software, GKTool incorporates the findings from the rheological calculation ideally and promptly into the mould design. By means of the rheological calculation, factors such as shrinkage and warpage are determined in advance. With the help of the simulated results, nozzles, cooling design and dimensioning of the mould are determined and the component is optimally designed.

Through simulation with the Cadmould software, we ensure that the component is filled with the customer’s machine in a process-safe manner already during mould development. Requirements and placements of slides, nozzles and other essential elements are optimally selected and set with the help of simulativ findings. In close cooperation with our designers, the mould is designed to meet all requirements in several optimisation loops.

Through clamping force calculations, we support our customers in the selection of the machine dimension or even in the run-up to the project to adapt the component and the process to an already existing injection moulding machine.

With the help of the simulation of the tool cooling, we influence the cycle time, the shrinkage and the warpage of the component. In this way, we recognise critical points even before the design and construction of the tool.

Your benefit 1

The mould exhibits optimum and constant filling behaviour.

Your benefit 2

The mould is perfectly designed for the clamping force of the injection moulding machine.

Your benefit 3

An optimised mould cycle time.