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Process and tool development

In order to offer our customers maximum process integration in their manufacturing process, we are constantly optimising our new and further developments in mould and process technology. Not only the mould technology, but also the necessary interfaces to the injection moulding machine and the automation are taken into account.


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Rheological calculations with CAD Mould

Rheological calculations

Through the in-house filling simulation calculations with the Cadmould software, GKTool incorporates the findings from the rheological calculation ideally and promptly into the mould design.

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Muster Dekore

Decor trials

In order to design our tools ideally to customer requirements, we have a decor test bench on which all tool-relevant decor properties such as cutting force and streching are measured and tested.

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Kuka robot


The Tech-Center with its modern equipment and application technicians is not only available to our customers for the sampling of series and prototype tools.

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