The 𝗜𝗠𝗦 (In Mould Stitching) technology: Joint invention and patent application of AUDI AG and GKTool.

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The history of Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG

Learn more about the history of GKTool in a multi-part interview with Georg Kaufmann. Immerse yourself in the world behind the company and be inspired by the insights.

Interview Part 1: Behind the scenes at GKTool

In the first part of the interview, Georg Kaufmann reveals the fascinating story of how the company came to.

Interview Part 2: The change of location

In the second part of the interview, Georg Kaufmann provides revealing insights into the development of GKTool and the choice of Busslingen as a location.

Interview Part 3: The road to the automotive industry

In the third part of the interview, Georg Kaufmann tells us more about the first orders and his entry into the production of interior vehicle components.

Interview Part 4: Back injection technology

In the fourth part of the interview series, Georg Kaufmann explains how the idea for back-injection technology came about.

Interview Part 5: Injection compression and the story behind it

In the fifth part of our interview series, the focus is on one process in particular. Georg Kaufmann provides insights into the fascinating world of injection-compression moulding technology.

Interview Part 6: Georg Kaufmann's highlights

In the last part of the interview, Georg Kaufmann sums up his career and tells us about his highlights.