Organoblech Türverkleidung für X1 und X2 von BMW

Door panels of NFPP

Our environmental impact must be protected! That is why we support OEMs with our technologies – producing a complete door from natural fiber mats is sustainable and ecological.

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Backlit component back molded with foil

Back injection moulding of foils

Backlit, deep-drawn and back-injected-moulded, electronics moulded on, overmoulded and trimmed – our integrated mould technologies make it possible!

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One production step – one ready-made component

Thanks to integrated mould technologies, the components are finalised during the injection moulding process.
Save massively on costs and ressources…

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We’re celebrating our birthday this year! 50 years of GKTool…

For the 50th anniversary of Georg Kaufmann Formenbau AG
let us take you on a journey through time… Read it and take a look
into the past, how it all began in 1972 in Bellikon in Argovia…

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Backlit component back molded with foil

IMD VARIOFORM® – strong partners for high process efficiency!

Case study online now: IMD VARIOFORM® – working with strong partners to achieve high process efficiency!
LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co.KG – Wittmann Battenfeld – PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG
Find out everything about solutions for efficient smart operating elements with Human Machine Interface (HMI).
Click in and secure your competitive advantage with our joint know-how!
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