Back injection moulding

Back injection moulding enables the direct connection between the plastic carrier and the decorative material. At the end of the 1980s, GKTool discovered the technology of back injection. Over 2,000 tools have been built in this way since then. Today, back moulding has become the most important pillar in the design of tool concepts. This method drastically reduces the manufacturing process and forms the basis for expansion with our innovative integrated tool technologies.

  • Homogeneous connection between plastic and decor throughout
  • Unlimited choice of back-mouldable materials (textiles, foils, carpet…)
  • Elimination of the laminating process
  • More environmentally friendly production due to the elimination of the adhesive

Material selection

Infinite possibilities of back-mouldable materials

Cycle time optimised

Drastic shortening by combining two steps (1x production of plastic carrier / 1x lamination of decor onto carrier)


Integration of GKTool technologies