Injection Compression


In the 1990s, GKTool pioneered the milestone in the industry around injection-compression moulding technology. Injection-compression moulding is used when particularly sensitive and demanding decors and their surfaces are involved. To ensure that the structure, feel and material are not impaired in the process, the decor is already back-injected in the open mould. With the embossing stroke, the plastic melt is finally distributed and the component is completed. Injection-compression moulding is particularly suitable for producing thin-walled components.

  • Weight saving through thin-wall technology
  • Stress from component is eliminated
  • More pronounced grain
  • Less machine clamping force required due to lower cavity pressure

Material thickness

Possible up to 1.8mm base wall thickness

Material usage

Less material required due to thinner component

Clamping force

Less cavity pressure and therefore lower clamping force