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Due to their position in the vehicle, the pillar parts are in the direct field of vision of the occupants.
The demands on quality are correspondingly high.
At the K2019 in Düsseldorf, GKTool celebrated the world premiere of back-moulded and overmoulded pillar trims from one shot with the IMW technology.

Back injection moulding + IMC + IMW


Door panels

Whether complete door panels from one shot or individual elements, GKTool has a wide range of experience.
Most of the touch points in the visible area are especially door sills, inserts and map pockets.
Likewise, GKTool builds many door panels from natural fibre mats (NFPP) or organic sheets.

Back injection moulding + / Back injection compression moulding of foils + IMC + IMW
Forming and back injection moulding of NFPP + IMC + back injection moulding on carpet pocket
Forming and back injection moulding of organic sheets

Carpet parts

Carpet partsare found especially in the boot but also in the centre console area.
GKTool has a wide range of experience in possibilities and solutions.

Back injection moulding/Injection compression moulding + IMC

Backlit component back molded with foil

Foil parts

Exterior components are exposed to heavy loads.
Wetness, UV radiation, stone chips – all this and much more must be withstood by these film-backed components.
In the interior, the focus is on the visual aspects. Infinite variants are possible here, such as backlit components equipped with integrated sensors.

Back injection moulding of this foil + (optional sensors) + IMW + IMC

Backrest covers

Backrest covers extend the comfort zone in the rear.
The passenger benefits visually from the high quality of the driver’s seat as well as from the order-creating stowage option in the front seat cover.

Back injection of foil + IMW

Seat shell organic sheet

Seat shells

For components such as the seat shell made of organic sheet metal, a significant weight reduction must be achieved and the requirements for stiffness must be met.



Forming organic sheets + back injection moulding