The most competent employees in the right functions

Vacancies are filled with a sensible mix of internal and external talent. The decisive factor is the best possible match between the requirements of a function and the key qualifications of a candidate. In addition to education and professional experience, this also includes personal skills and inclinations.

Career opportunities for motivated and performance-oriented employees.
In order to make our junior staff fit for future key functions, we place great emphasis on personnel development.  This model includes possible target functions, corresponding training paths and supporting development programmes. In this way, we ensure that the next career steps are transparent, comprehensible and predictable for our employees at all times.

Our talent development starts early: apprentices with a positive apprenticeship record receive an offer of further employment at gktool months before they complete their apprenticeship. This way, they can concentrate fully on their apprenticeship exams and already have their first job in the bag after successfully passing.

Wir suchen dich, ein Junger guter Monteur

Wir suchen dich, ein Junger guter Monteur

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